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The Value of Outsourcing Benefits Administration to a Human Resources Company helps businesses understand how benefits administration outsourcing and software can support human resources needs.

As companies grow and expand, managing employee benefits becomes increasingly complex and time-consuming. Outsourcing benefits administration to a Human Resources (HR) company can provide significant advantages in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and compliance. This article will explore the concept of benefits administration, its role in organizations, and the best employee benefits administration outsourcing companies and software available. Additionally, we will provide examples of the tasks performed by benefit management companies.

What is Benefits Administration?

Benefits administration is the process of designing, implementing, and managing employee benefits programs. These programs typically include health insurance, retirement plans, disability insurance, paid time off, and other perks designed to attract and retain employees. The primary goal of benefits administration is to ensure that employees understand and utilize their benefits, while also ensuring that the company remains compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

The Role of Benefits Administration

Benefits administration plays a vital role in organizations by:

  1. Designing competitive benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.
  2. Ensuring employees have access to their benefits and understand how to use them.
  3. Managing enrollment, eligibility, and claims processing.
  4. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and staying up-to-date with changes in legislation.
  5. Controlling costs and analyzing the effectiveness of benefit programs.
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Best Employee Benefits Administration Outsourcing Companies

There are numerous HR companies specializing in benefits administration outsourcing. Some of the best in the industry include:

Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt, a global professional services firm, offers a comprehensive suite of benefits administration services. Their expertise extends across health and welfare, retirement, and voluntary benefits programs. With a strong focus on technology and data analytics, Aon Hewitt streamlines benefits management by offering a user-friendly platform for both employees and employers. They provide personalized communication and education materials to ensure employees understand and appreciate their benefits. Aon Hewitt’s commitment to compliance, cost management, and continuous improvement makes them an excellent choice for businesses seeking to enhance their benefits administration.


Mercer is a global consulting firm specializing in talent, health, retirement, and investment services. Their benefits administration solutions are designed to cater to organizations of various sizes and industries. Mercer offers a wide range of services, including plan design, enrollment, and compliance management, as well as vendor negotiations and benchmarking. Their digital platform, Mercer Complete, provides a seamless experience for employees to access and manage their benefits. With a focus on innovation and personalization, Mercer enables businesses to deliver tailored benefits programs that improve employee satisfaction and drive better results.

ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers a comprehensive HR solution, including benefits administration services. By leveraging ADP’s extensive experience in payroll and HR, TotalSource provides a unified platform that simplifies benefits management for employees and employers alike. Their services include plan design, enrollment, compliance management, and employee support. ADP TotalSource’s technology-driven approach ensures a smooth and efficient benefits administration process, freeing up businesses to focus on their core operations.


Trinet is a PEO that specializes in providing tailored HR solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Their benefits administration services include access to a wide range of benefits plans, streamlined enrollment, and ongoing support for both employees and employers. Trinet’s online platform makes it easy for employees to access their benefits information and make changes as needed. In addition to benefits administration, Trinet offers a full suite of HR services, including payroll, risk management, and compliance, making them an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to outsource their HR functions.


Insperity is a leading PEO that offers a comprehensive suite of HR and benefits administration services. Their solutions are tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring that clients receive personalized attention and support. Insperity’s benefits administration services cover plan design, enrollment, compliance, and employee education. Their user-friendly platform simplifies the benefits management process and provides employees with easy access to their benefits information. By partnering with Insperity, businesses can ensure that their benefits programs are well-managed and cost-effective, while also benefiting from the company’s expertise in other HR areas.

These companies offer comprehensive benefits administration services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Best Benefits Administration Software

In addition to outsourcing, companies can use benefits administration software to manage their employee benefits programs. Some of the top options available include


BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software designed to streamline human resources management for small and medium-sized businesses. Their benefits administration module simplifies the entire process by providing a centralized platform to manage benefit plans, enrollments, and employee communication. BambooHR offers customizable benefit plan templates and automated workflows, ensuring a seamless experience for both employees and HR teams. The platform also integrates with leading benefits providers, enabling businesses to manage their entire HR ecosystem in one place. With its intuitive interface and robust features, BambooHR is an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their benefits administration process.


Zenefits is an all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits administration platform designed to simplify HR processes for small and medium-sized businesses. Their benefits administration module offers a user-friendly interface that allows employees to easily enroll in and manage their benefits. Zenefits streamlines the entire process by automating tasks such as eligibility tracking, enrollment, and compliance reporting. The platform also offers an extensive marketplace of benefits providers, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the best plans for their employees. Zenefits’ cloud-based solution and commitment to continuous innovation make it a reliable choice for companies seeking to optimize their benefits administration.

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Gusto is a comprehensive HR, payroll, and benefits administration platform designed for small businesses. Their benefits administration module simplifies the entire process by automating tasks such as plan design, enrollment, and employee communication. Gusto offers a wide range of benefits options, including health insurance, retirement plans, and voluntary benefits, making it easy for businesses to create customized benefits packages for their employees. The platform also provides built-in compliance tools and reporting, ensuring businesses stay up-to-date with the latest regulations. Gusto’s focus on simplicity and user experience makes it an excellent option for small businesses looking to streamline their benefits administration process.


Workday is a leading enterprise cloud-based solution for human capital management, including benefits administration. Their benefits administration module offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for managing employee benefits programs. Workday enables businesses to design and manage a wide range of benefits plans, including health, retirement, and voluntary benefits. The platform provides advanced features such as automated eligibility management, plan comparisons, and reporting. Workday’s benefits administration module is fully integrated with their HR and payroll solutions, providing a unified experience for employees and HR teams. With its robust functionality and scalability, Workday is an ideal choice for larger organizations looking to optimize their benefits administration process.


UltiPro, now known as UKG Pro, is a comprehensive human capital management solution that includes a robust benefits administration module. The platform offers a wide range of features designed to simplify the benefits management process, such as plan design, enrollment, and employee communication tools. UltiPro also provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their benefits programs and make data-driven decisions. The platform integrates seamlessly with other UKG Pro modules, creating a unified experience for HR teams and employees. UltiPro’s extensive features and scalability make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their benefits administration process.

These software solutions provide a range of features, such as enrollment management, benefits tracking, and reporting, that simplify the benefits administration process.

Examples of What Benefit Management Companies Do

Benefits administration companies offer a variety of services to help organizations effectively manage their employee benefits programs. Some examples of tasks performed by these companies include:

  1. Benefits plan design and development
  2. Open enrollment and employee communications
  3. Eligibility management and enrollment processing
  4. Claims administration and appeals support
  5. Benefits compliance and reporting
  6. Vendor management and negotiation
  7. Benefits cost analysis and benchmarking
  8. Employee education and support
  9. COBRA administration

Outsourcing benefits administration to a specialized HR company can provide significant value to organizations. By partnering with experts in the field, companies can ensure that their employee benefits programs are well-managed, compliant, and cost-effective. In addition, outsourcing frees up valuable time and resources that can be devoted to other critical business functions, ultimately driving growth and success.

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